Houser Law Firm


Houser Law Firm is a team that strives to exude professionalism and integrity as a daily standard.

We firmly believe that expanding our team better enables us to extend our reach and serve more individuals in need of our unique skill sets.  We actively seek experienced and qualified attorneys focused upon fiduciary litigation, asset protection, probate, estate planning, and business representation.

Grow a Career with Houser Law Firm

The founders of our organization have proudly established a supportive and progressive firm where employees thrive, work diligently, and are rewarded both monetarily and professionally. We are proud to offer numerous opportunities for both attorneys and legal staff alike seeking a career in probate law. The Houser Law Firm seeks employees such as:

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Interns
  • Support Staff

Regardless of the position sought, all job candidates must possess excellent communication skills, a “can-do” attitude, and a genuine desire to passionately serve others.

Great Benefits and Team Spirit

It takes careful coordination and daily effort from a variety of positions to support our firm.  However, nothing contributes more to our success than the team spirit exemplified in each employee onboard with our firm. Houser Law Firm is a boutique wealth law firm that offers great benefits to our employees. In addition to excellent health and dental insurance, we offer long-term disability and a 401k plan with company matching contributions. We understand that employees who can live and work close to their family are generally happier and more productive.  We are proud to offer flex-time employment while encouraging active community involvement. We also hold company gatherings a few times a year to have fun, relax, and build camaraderie among the members of our team. All of which helps to create a bond and our close, family atmosphere.

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Contact Houser Law Firm About Career Opportunities

As one of Dallas’ leading probate, estate planning, and fiduciary litigation law firms, we are always eager to grow and find new ways to assist our clients. If you are an experienced attorney who has the skills required to contribute to a thriving law office, please email your cover letter and resume to