Estate Planning

At the Houser Firm, our experienced attorneys will custom design an estate plan suited especially for you, guiding you step-by-step through the process. We work with you to ensure that your property is transferred exactly according to your wishes, while making you liable for the least amount of estate taxes possible. This will result in financial security for your family.

As part of your estate plan, we will evaluate your needs, suggest alternative distribution plans, draft all documents and offer the formalities necessary for their effective implementation.

What is the Importance of Estate Planning?

In short, estate planning is so important because it eliminates the chances of any messes arising after you have passed on. If you want your loved ones protected when you can’t be there to do so, then an estate plan is the way to do just that. A few ways that estate plans can protect your family include:

1. Protects Families with Young Kids

The thought of passing away as a younger parent with minors still living in the household is nothing that any person wants to imagine. Sadly, the reality is that this is a possibility. With a well-formed estate plan, you can ensure that your children will be taken care of until they become of legal age.

2. Prevents Heirs from Overpaying Taxes

Good estate planning is about protecting your loved ones. When transferring assets to heirs, you want to create the smallest tax burden for them as possible. Without a plan, your heirs could end up owing the IRS quite a lot of money in taxes each year. Our estate plans are designed to be as tax efficient as possible, thereby minimizing taxes owed.

3. Don’t Let Your Assets Go to the Wrong Beneficiary

By having an estate plan in place that has been created by a trusted estate planning law firm, you can ensure that your assets will go to the right beneficiaries when you pass on. Avoid any of the family arguments and make the important choices today, while you can.

The Houser Firm Will Build You a Custom Estate Plan

Powerful documents such as powers of attorney are also part of the estate plan. These documents help avoid a court-administered guardianship if you become incapacitated. Our sophisticated and often proprietary estate planning tools and techniques assist in the transfer of wealth from generation to generation.

Some of the common documents that we use to create your custom estate plan include:

  • Wills and living trusts
  • ILITs
  • Spousal Trusts
  • GRATs
  • CRUTs
  • Defective Sales to IDGTs
  • Private Foundations
  • QPRTs
  • Durable statutory powers of attorney
  • Medical power of attorney
  • Directives to physicians
  • Declarations of guardians
  • Declarations of guardians for children
  • Donor cards
  • Burial statements

Let Our Experience Work Through Your Estate Plan

The Houser Firm is a Dallas-based wealth law boutique firm that offers sophisticated solutions in asset protection, estate planning and much more. We pride ourselves in our high-level legal services that are offered in our friendly and client-focused approach. Get in touch with us today to begin forming your custom estate plan, and keep your loved ones safe.

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