Family-Owned Business Representation

Business Formation & Representation

Houser Firm attorneys specialize in building strategic alliances with clients to structure business transactions and create business opportunities through skillful business planning and expert judgment. We solve legal challenges while formulating solutions for corporate clients. Some of the ideas we use and the services we provide include:

  • Structuring companies and creating partnerships in Texas to limit liability exposure
  • Forming Texas corporations, limited liability companies (both “Series LLCs” and regular LLCs), and partnerships
  • Advising clients regarding choice of business entity
  • Creating technology agreements
  • Corporate mergers
  • Acquiring business units
  • Converting corporations into LLCs or limited partnerships
  • Drafting business contracts, including buy-sell agreements
  • Crafting employment agreements
  • Negotiating the sale of business assets as well as the sales of companies themselves
  • Succession planning

Whether you already own your own business, need help with starting a business, or are concerned with protecting your business and your wealth, we have the knowledge, experience and background to assist you and your company. We will provide you with the best advantage in today’s competitive and demanding business environment. Our diverse legal expertise will help propel your enterprise to the next level.

Get in touch with Houser Law Firm today if you need to convert a corporation to an LLC or need help with your family business succession planning. We’re here to help the processes go smoothly and accurately. 

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