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The Houser Firm specializes in comprehensive services in the areas of asset protection; litigation or lawsuits that might arise in trusts, estates, and probate situations; business formation and representation; probate and trust administration; and estate planning. Our specific areas of representation include:

Probate Assistance

Houser Firm attorneys represent individuals and corporate executors in all stages of probate administration in Texas

Litigation Involving Trusts and Estates

Houser Firm takes an aggressive approach regarding lawsuits involving trusts & estates

Asset Protection Planning

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Planning for Valuable Collections

We routinely work with the nation’s leading auction houses to maximize liquidation.

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Estate Planning

Our experienced attorneys will custom design an estate plan suited especially for you..

Trust Administration Assistance

“It is not an honor to serve as a trustee” is an old lawyer’s adage that is even more true today than it was a century ago..

Gun Own Planning

Gun ownership planning consists of more than merely creating a qualifying trust to own certain..

Family Succession Planning

For those in complex relationships, failing to properly plan can have devastating effects on you and those you love..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Probate is the legal process in which the court determines the validity of a deceased person’s last will and testament. A will is a binding document in the eyes of the court after the person dies and it is admitted to probate.
In Texas, an application for probate must generally be filed within four years of the date of death. If it has been more than four years from the date of death, contact our office immediately and we will determine whether we can still assist you.

If you believe the estate administrator is improperly handling your loved one’s estate, you might have grounds for probate litigation, and you should contact us for a review of your case. State law mandates that an estate administrator must act in good faith and probate the will as required by the will and by Texas law.

A will provides for an orderly disposition of your assets after death, allowing you to determine when and who will inherit your assets. Wills do not allow you to avoid probate, but probate in Texas is usually a very efficient and inexpensive process. Wills are especially important if you have minor children and would like to designate who will be the guardian of your children upon your death.

Our comprehensive estate planning document portfolio can include a statutory durable power of attorney, declaration of guardian, medical power of attorney, directive to physicians, HIPPA disclosure, donor card, and burial statement.

A durable power of attorney allows you to appoint someone you know to make financial and/or health decisions for you if you become incapacitated. The durable power of attorney is a very powerful document. Our attorneys will guide you in making an informed decision on how best to use this document within your estate plan.

A declaration of guardian allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf in the event of your incapacity. If you are incapacitated without these legal documents in place, then you and your family could face a judicial proceeding known as a guardianship. This will result in the court system and judges determining who should make these decisions for you—and those decisions are then supervised by the court.

A directive to physicians allows you to make decisions in advance regarding the types of medical life support measures you prefer to have in the event you cannot express your choices yourself.

A revocable living trust is a more complex estate planning tool which allows you to transfer your assets to your trust during your lifetime. You as trustee then retain use of the assets during your lifetime as the beneficiary, and upon your death, the assets are distributed according to your wishes. With proper planning, trusts can be an effective tool to avoid probate.

Tax Planning

At the Houser Firm, we recognize the necessity of transferring assets with a minimum of tax liability. We work with clients to effectively minimize..

Private Jet and Yacht Purchase Planning

Whether you want to explore entity and situs considerations when purchasing a jet or yacht, or whether you want to determine..

Charitable Planning

Many of our clients are charitably inclined and wish to set up stewardship programs that will last as legacies in-perpetuity long after they are gone..

Family-Owned Business Representation

Houser Firm attorneys specialize in building strategic alliances with clients to structure business transactions and create..

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