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The Houser Firm is a Dallas-based wealth law boutique firm that specializes in protecting our clients’ legacies of wealth. We handle cases and represent clients throughout Texas, and our highly regarded attorneys litigate cases involving trusts and estates and other fiduciary matters, including will contests, trust terminations and other trust or estate litigation. We also provide clients with innovative and sophisticated solutions in asset protection, estate planning, and estate and gift taxes. We routinely serve as “general counsel” for our clients’ businesses and offer general business representation.
A key specialty of the Houser Firm is the administration of probate, trusts, and estate planning, asset protection, elder abuse, and more in all Texas courts. While based in Dallas and Rockwall, our experienced attorneys handle cases throughout the entire state of Texas, and we routinely represent clients living in Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman and surrounding counties. We pride ourselves in offering high-level legal services in a friendly and client-focused atmosphere where experience, expertise, innovation, accessibility and personal relationships are valued and empowered.

Family. Legacy. Future.

Lawyers of Distiction

Trust & Estate Litigation

Contesting A Will Lawsuits involving:

  • Will construction
  • Will interpretation issues
  • Trustees or executors
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty (breach of trust, breach of duty of disclosure, etc.)
  • Trust management or investment
  • Retirement benefits beneficiary designations
  • Life insurance beneficiary designations
  • Claims of common law marriage after the death of a “spouse”
  • Children born after the date of a will
  • Contested probates

Asset Protection Planning

Houser Firm is here to help you protect your assets:

HF Protection Planning

  • Create sophisticated limited partnerships to own assets
  • Use limited liability companies to own single purpose assets
  • Create a combination of grantor trusts, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies to own assets
  • Construct a defensive wall to circumference the entire estate from potential claims and frivolous lawsuits
  • Create trusts in jurisdictions with favorable laws
  • Utilize insurance products to protect assets
  • Engage in partition and marital planning
  • Did You Know
  • There are approximately 86,500 practicing attorneys in Texas (3.1 per 1,000 residents.)
  • In 2016, there were 764,936 cases filed in District, County, and Justice courts in Texas.
  • In Texas, there were 41,854 injury cases filed relating to motor vehicles in 2016.
  • In 2016 there were 182,546 general civil cases filed in Texas.

Business Representation

Our firm will help your business with all its contractual needs:

Houser Firm attorneys specialize in building strategic alliances with clients to structure business transactions and create business opportunities through skillful planning and expert judgment. We solve legal challenges while formulating solutions for corporate clients. Some of the ideas we use and the services we provide include:

  • Structuring companies and creating partnerships in Texas to limit liability exposure
  • Forming Texas corporations, limited liability companies (both “Series LLCs” and regular LLCs), and partnerships
  • Advising clients regarding choice of business entity
  • Creating technology agreements
  • Corporate mergers
  • Acquiring business units
  • Converting corporations into LLCs or limited partnerships
  • Drafting business contracts, including buy-sell agreements
  • Crafting employment agreements
  • Negotiating the sale of business assets as well as the sales of companies themselves
  • Succession planning

Whether you already own your own business, need help with starting a business, or are concerned with protecting your business and your wealth, we have the knowledge, experience and background to assist you and your company. We will provide you with the best advantage in today’s competitive and demanding business environment. Our diverse legal expertise will help propel your enterprise to the next level.

Estate Planning

The firm’s estate planning attorney team is here for you:

Houser Firm Estate Planning Tools

Below are some of the common documents we use to create your custom estate plan:

  • PowerPoint diagrams
  • Wills and living trusts
  • GRATs
  • CRUTs
  • Defective Sales to IDGTs
  • Private Foundations
  • QPRTs
  • Durable statutory powers of attorney
  • Medical power of attorney
  • Directives to physicians
  • Declarations of guardians
  • Declarations of guardians for children
  • Donor cards
  • Burial statements
  • Commutation Agreements

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